Date                                         Title                                                          Source

March 22nd 2010            Central River REA Report                                                          Ya'axche 

February 19th 2010        CJ gives Ya'axche green light for judicial review of          
                                       Toledo hydro permit   

January 27th 2010          Battle in Bladen Going to Supreme Court                        

January 8th 2010            Toledo Villagers: no concession, no research permit                                                               for BHD in nature reserve

January 7th 2010            Finnegan Tells Conservationist that Deputy PM Gaspar   
                                       Vega Misspoke

December 13th 2009     December 13th 2009 Hydro Dam Meeting                       

November 5th 2009       San Pedro Columbia villagers upset about proposed       

November 6th 2009       San Pedro Columbia Dedicated to their natural resources    

October 28th 2009        YCT increases damage assessment for Toledo protected 
                                      areas to $147,000-plus      

September 30th 2009    Illegal Entry and Damages in BNR and CRFR caused Belize
                                      Hydroelectric $33,500                     

July 18th 2009               Unlawful Development Threatens Belize's Core Protected