Welcome to the “Let Our River Flow” website.  This site has been created by the concerned citizens of Belize to spread the message of what is really occurring with the proposed Hydro-electric dam on Central River in Toledo, Belize.  This alarming, and poorly planned development project threatens some of the most pristine ecosystems of Central America in the Bladen Nature Reserve (www.yct.bz/bladen_nature_reserve.html).  If implemented, the dam will disrupt endemic flora and fauna, affect water availability to local communities, and increase sedimentation discharge to the Mesoamerican reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Please browse the site and feel free to blog your updates here or send emails to Let.my.river.flow@gmail.com  to contribute.  We welcome open and honest discussion about what is occurring on the ground and will do our best to feed you the information you deserve.

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