Chronology of Events:
Belize Hydroelectric Development and Management Limited (BHD) in Columbia River Forest Reserve and Bladen Nature Reserve

Date                                                                                                    Activities

December 5th 2008                         Concession Agreement signed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and BHD

June 2009                                         Reports of illegal entry, bulldozing, camping, clearing from villagers of San                                                                  Pedro Columbia to

July 7th 2009                                    Meeting between the
Belize Forest Department (FD), Ya'axche and BHD held at                                                          Fairweather Camp. BHD confirmed 10 employees working to build a road for                                                              future studies on the Central River. BHD also confirmed that they had no                                                                    permits from FD for their activities.        

July 8-11th 2009                               Patrol conducted to Central River area made up of Belize Defence Force                                                                    Soldiers, Forest Department Officers and Ya'axche's Protected Area Manager                                                              confirmed multiple infractions on the ground.    

August 12-15th 2009                       Team made up of the Department of Environment, FD, the Alcalde of San Pedro                                                          Columbia, Paul Walker and Ya'axche conducted a damage assessment of BHD's                                                          activities within CRFR and BNR.

October 2009                                   Damage assessment released

October 13th 2009                           Date of research permit and letter to BHD to re-enter Bladen Nature Reserve.                                                                                  

October 28th 2009                           Letter to Ya'axche with aforementioned permit attached. First instance                                                                      Ya'axche was made aware of any such permit. No information in regards to                                                                fines and damage fees was passed to Ya'axche.

November 1st 2009                          First meeting held in San Pedro Columbia seeking answers to the many                                                                      questions of concerned citizens.

December 3-5th 2009                       Educational visit and patrol conducted by Ya'axche, BNR/CRFR Committee,                                                                 Belize Defence Force and film makers to Central River Area.

December 13th 2009                        Resolution passed in San Pedro Columbia calling upon the Government of                                                                 Belize to revoke the Concession Agreement with BHD.

January 27th 2010                             Ya'axche filed a request for judicial review of BHD research permit to the                                                                     Belize Supreme Court.

February 2nd - 16th 2010                  Rapid Ecological Assessment

February 19th 2010                           CJ gives Ya'axche green light for judicial review of Toledo hydro permit   

    Hydro Dam Survey